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YZF R1 YZFR1 RN19 Kotflügel Schutzblech fender New

Partno.: 5PW2151100P1
Replaced by: 5PW-21511-01-P1

The image shows Yamaha Article 5PW-21511-01-P1 (c) KFM-Motorräder

Original image Yamaha 5PW2151101P1 (c) KFM-Motorräder

  • Category: Covering
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Fits to model:
    YZF-R1 5VYYear 2004-2006Capacity: 1000 cm3 
    YZF-R1 4C8Year 2007-2008Capacity: 1000 cm3 
    YZF-R1 5PWYear 2002-2003Capacity: 1000 cm3 
    YZF-R6 5SLYear 2005Capacity: 600 cm3 
  • Fits to color code: Year 2004 - 2008 Code DPBMC (deep purplish blue met. C)
  • Condition: new
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These are new original spare parts of the brand Yamaha.
In case you can't find your desired Yamaha spare part here, please make use of our special inquiry form for original spare parts.
Please note, that the spare part is offered as shown in the image above (without add-on pieces)!

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