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Kawasaki Side stand

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Kawasaki Versys 1000 KLZ1000BGF Seitenständer Side stand Original New

Partno.: 340240111
Replaced by: 34024-0113

The image shows Kawasaki Article 34024-0113 (c) KFM-Motorräder

Original image Kawasaki 340240113 (c) KFM-Motorräder

Kawasaki 34024-0113 #1 (c) KFM-Motorräder

Original image (c) KFM-Motorräder

  • Category: Suspension / Frame
  • Manufacturer: Kawasaki
  • Fits to model:
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000ACF 1000 cm3Year 2012Chassis no. JKALZT00AAA000001 until 007000
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000ADF 1000 cm3Year 2013Chassis no. JKALZT00AAA007001 until 010000
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000AEF 1000 cm3Year 2014Chassis no. from JKALZT00AAA010001
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000BFF 1000 cm3Year 2015Chassis no. JKALZT00BBA000001 until 006000
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000BGF 1000 cm3Year 2016Chassis no. from JKALZT00BBA006001
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000BHF 1000 cm3Year 2017Chassis no. JKALZT00BBA015001 until 020000
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000BJF 1000 cm3Year 2018Chassis no. from JKALZT00BBA020001
    Versys 1000 KLZ1000BJFA 1000 cm3Year 2018Chassis no. from JKALZT00BBA020001
  • Condition: new
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These are new original spare parts of the brand Kawasaki.
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