Car-Oil by Shell


Which oil do I have to use?

You will find information about oil specification and indication in the instructions of your vehicle. You can also use our comfortable search function Oilfinder

Just type in the model name of your vehicle in order to get a list of suitable oil.



Package shipping is processed by the company DPD.
Fees and rates are according to the destination (delivery rate within Germany: EUR 5.90) Please remind the shipping notification to special destinations in the Shipping rate table. It also shows information about international shipping rates.


Notification regarding waste oil disposal

The buyer is responsible of oily waste, which will occur while refining and/or exchanging oil. He also has to take care of correct and environment-friendly disposal of waste oil. Returning waste oil in same amount as the previously purchased oil is possible on request at our warehouse.
Return of waste packages is also possible according to § 8 of packaging regulations.
In case of returning waste oil to our warehouse, the packagehas to be marked as "hazardous good". The package has to consist of an container, which prevents oil leakage.


Important information

Please remind and follow the notification regarding environmental prevention on the package. There is also listed the Modeltype, to which the oil matches to. More information is available at the Data PDFs for download or the annotation text above.
The company KFM-motorbike will not take any responsibility regarding damage by unprofessional handling of purchased products