Shell Oil 10W-40

SHELL HELIX HX6 DIESEL 4L PREMIUM DIESEL 10W-40 VW 502 / 505 MB 229.1 Motoröl

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  • Brand: Shell
  • Specifications: ACEA A3 B3 / API SL CF
  • Clearances: Mercedes-Benz Blatt 229.1 / VW 502 00/505 00.
  • Amount: 4 pieces
  • Size: 4x1 LITER GEBINDE
  • Stock: More than 10 available.
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Please note that the purchase amount is limited to 30 liters!
Your KFM pricePrice: 9,20 € (inc. VAT, plus Shipping costs)
Single liter price: 2,30 € (inc. VAT)
Delivery state: available
Delivery period: approx. 2-3 working days
Other sizes:
1 LITER GEBINDE5500145502,76 EUR *
3x1 LITER GEBINDE550014550_36,90 EUR *
Liter price: 2,30 € *
5x1 LITER GEBINDE550014550_511,50 EUR *
Liter price: 2,30 € *
6x1 LITER GEBINDE550014550_613,81 EUR *
Liter price: 2,30 € *
* inc. VAT, plus shipping costs

Returning waste oil in same amount as the previously purchased oil is possible on request for free at our warehouse.
Return of waste packages is also possible according to § 8 of german packaging regulations.
In case of returning waste oil to our warehouse, the package has to be marked as "hazardous good".
The package has to consist a container, which prevents oil leakage.