Shipping and handling

Excluded delivery locations: Russia, Turkey, Somalia, Israel, PO Box, DHL Packstation
DE  DE Pauschale (via DPD/GLS/DHL)7,14 €Logo GLS   Logo DPD
DE  Germany (Shell-Oil only)5,90 € 
AL  Albania (via DHL)28,00 €MK  Macedonia (via DHL)28,00 €
AD  Andorra (via DHL)15,00 €MC  Monaco (via DPD)18,00 €
BE  Belgium (via DPD)12,00 €ME  Montenegro (via DHL)28,00 €
BA  Bosnia and Herzegovina (via DHL)28,00 €NL  Netherlands (via DPD)12,00 €
BG  Bulgaria (via DHL)18,00 €NO  Norway (via DHL)28,00 €
DK  Denmark (via GLS)12,00 €PL  Poland (via DPD)18,00 €
EE  Estonia (via DPD)18,00 €PT  Portugal (via DPD)18,00 €
FI  Finland (via DHL)18,00 €RO  Romania (via DHL)18,00 €
FR  France (via DHL)18,00 €SM  San Marino (via DHL)15,00 €
GR  Greece (via DHL)18,00 €SE  Sweden (via DPD)18,00 €
GB  United Kingdom (via DHL)18,00 €CH  Switzerland (via DPD) see "Customs fees"38,00 €
IE  Ireland (via DHL)18,00 €RS  Serbia (via DHL)28,00 €
IS  Iceland (via DHL)28,00 €SK  Slovakia (via DHL)18,00 €
IT  Italy incl. Vatican City (via GLS)18,00 €SI  Slovenia (via DHL)18,00 €
HR  Croatia (via DHL)18,00 €ES  Spain (via DPD)18,00 €
LV  Latvia (via DHL)18,00 €CZ  Czech Republic (via DPD)12,00 €
LI  Liechtenstein (via DPD) see "Customs fees"35,00 €UA  Ukraine (via DHL)28,00 €
LT  Lithuania (via DPD)18,00 €HU  Hungary (via DHL)18,00 €
LU  Luxembourg (via DPD)12,00 €CY  Cyprus (via DHL)18,00 €
MT  Malta (via DHL)18,00 €AT  Austria (via DPD)12,00 €
Rest of the world:

Air freight (via DHL)

Until max 10Kg

65,45 €Logo DHL

The prices are gross (inc. VAT).

Excluded delivery locations: Russia, Turkey, Somalia, Israel, PO Box, DHL Packstation
  • The following countries/regions are delivered only by air freight:
    Andorra (AD), Gibraltar (GI), Canarian islands (ES), Ceuta (ES), Melilla (ES) and San Marino (SM).
  • United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Spain and Portugal without overseas territories, Danmark without Greenland (GL) and Faroe Islands (FO), Serbia without Kosovo.
  • Customs fees Switzerland & Liechtenstein: the stated price includes only the cost of customs clearance!
    Customs duty is not included and must be paid to the customs authorities in the destination country.
Toll surcharges and special areas (in addition to the price above)
Livigno (IT), Campione d`Italia (IT/CH), Martina (CH), Samnaun (CH), Ceuta (ES), Melilla (ES) + 50,00 €  (incl. VAT)
Accompanying charges for islands (in addition to the price above)
Island surcharge DE (German Islands) + 12,00 €  (incl. VAT)
Island surcharge (NL, DK, SE, EE) + 14,00 €  (incl. VAT)
Island surcharge Balearic Islands (ES), Madeira, Porto Santo, Azores (PT) + 33,00 €  (incl. VAT)

Please see the DPD and DHL shipping terms for further informations.

You can also check the delivery running times to your desired country on the corresponsing DPD or DHL sites.