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Kawasaki SEAL-OIL,10X18X5

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Partno.: 92049-0104

  • Category: Engine parts / Engine Cover
  • Manufacturer: Kawasaki
  • Fits to model:
    D-Tracker 125 KLX125DAF 125 cm3Year 2010Chassis no. JKALX125CDDA00077 until A03533
    D-Tracker 125 KLX125DBF 125 cm3Year 2011Chassis no. JKALX125CDDA03534 until A06927
    D-Tracker 125 KLX125DCF 125 cm3Year 2012Chassis no. JKALX125CDDA06928 until A08045
    D-Tracker 125 KLX125DDF 125 cm3Year 2013Chassis no. JKALX125CDDA08046 until A08617
    D-Tracker 125 KLX125DEF 125 cm3Year 2014Chassis no. from JKALX125CDDA08618
    D-Tracker 125 KLX150HGF 125 cm3Year 2016Chassis no. from MH4LX150HHJP00001
    KLX 125 KLX125CAF 125 cm3Year 2010Chassis no. JKALX125CCDA00054 until A03527
    KLX 125 KLX125CBF 125 cm3Year 2011Chassis no. JKALX125CCDA03528 until A06795
    KLX 125 KLX125CCF 125 cm3Year 2012Chassis no. JKALX125CCDA06796 until A07352
    KLX 125 KLX125CCS 125 cm3Year 2012Chassis no. JKALX125CCDA07353 until A08289
    KLX 125 KLX125CDF 125 cm3Year 2013Chassis no. from JKALX125CCDA08290
    KLX 125 KLX125CDS 125 cm3Year 2013Chassis no. JKALX125CCDA08730 until A09124
    KLX 125 KLX125CEF 125 cm3Year 2014Chassis no. JKALX125CCDA09125 until A10540
    KLX 125 KLX125CFF 125 cm3Year 2015Chassis no. JKALX125CCDA10541 until A11850
    KLX 125 KLX125CGF 125 cm3Year 2016Chassis no. from JKALX125CCDA11851
  • Condition: new
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These are new original spare parts of the brand Kawasaki.
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