Methods to pay

You may choose to pay either by wire transfer, SOFORT Banking (if country is supported) or via PayPal.

Payment in advance by bank transfer

In case of bank transfers (prepayment) please insert the shop order number in the "purpose of the payment".
Otherwise we can not guarantee a quick processing!
You will get our bank account information after you have submitted your order.

All international wire transfers to us be made with the OUR instruction! This means you pay for all transfer charges and guarantees that we will receive the payment amount in full.

SOFORT Banking

Simply pay while you are shopping online. By entering your familiar online banking login details and confirmation codes with a maximum level of security. The shop will receive a real-time transaction confirmation immediately after the transfer has been listed. Your confidential login details and confirmation codes will not be stored.
This is how SOFORT Banking works.

This service is currently available for customers from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.
More countries are about to follow.


For some time, the use of the payment method "PayPal" is possible even without having a PayPal account. For details, please refer to the page Checkout Without a PayPal Account.

You will leave our Webshop to the PayPal webpage.
After you confirmed your payment there, you will automatically be redirected back to our Shop.
Until there, your PayPal payment is just reserved and will only be executed after you have reviewed your order again and finally confirmed it by using the button "Commit to Buy".

You can get additional informations and help about paying with PayPal on the PayPal help pages.

SEPA Direct debit collection for business customers

Registered business customers we also offer the option to pay via direct debit, as long as the registered office's country is part of the SEPA area (Single Euro Payments Area). According to the confirmed business registration you will recieve a form for the SEPA mandate and a corresponding SEPA mandate reference number.